Sentence Examples with the word Communicated

The impulse communicated by Schleiermacher was confirmed by Planck, and he seems now to have realized that the original investigation of Christian history was to form the great work of his life.

When therefore the signalcoil moves in obedience to the electric signal-currents passed through it, the motion communicated to the siphon is recorded on the moving slip of paper by a wavy line of ink-marks very close together.

It was supposed that it had been handed down by Ezra; that it was indebted to Joshua, David or Solomon; that it was as old as Moses, to whom it had been communicated orally or in writing, complete or in its essence.

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Three days afterwards Halley communicated the resolution to Newton, and stated to him that the printing was to be at the charge of the Society.

Information having been communicated to Rome, the whole of the Cenci family were arrested early in 1599; but the story of the hardships they underwent in prison is greatly exaggerated.

Before the preparations for the departure of the French were completed, orders came to Sir Sidney Smith from the British government, forbidding the carrying out of the convention unless the French army were treated as prisoners of war; and when these were communicated to Klber he cancelled the orders previously given to the troops, and proceeded to put the country in a state of defence.

Taran glanced at Memon, who was frozen once again as he communicated silently with the demon.

Action with an irregular hammer-like movement, the pinion having communicated to it a smart click at the beginning of every down stroke - the up stroke being more uniform.

When a wave of sound travelling through one medium meets a second medium of a different kind, the vibrations of its own particles are communicated to the particles of the new medium, so that a wave is excited in the latter, and is propagated through it with a velocity dependent on the density and elasticity of the second medium, and therefore differing in general from the previous velocity.

He was accompanied by many of his disciples; and as they passed by the Tai Mountain, an incident occurred which may be narrated as a specimen of the way in which he communicated to them his lessons.