Sentence Examples with the word Commodity

Foreign coins were formerly legal tender in the republic, but this has been changed by the exclusion of foreign silver coins and the acceptance of foreign gold coins as a commodity at a fixed value.

But because Country X is so poor, its citizens can't afford this expensive crop, so the farmers sell this commodity on the international market to the highest bidder.

This is made possible by technology and the Internet, which is used to connect buyers and sellers worldwide and bring information (world commodity prices) to the far reaches of the globe.

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Maple sugar is an important by-product of the forests, and in the production of this commodity New York ranks second only to Vermont; 3,623,540 lb were made in 1900.

The principle here is to agree to buy a certain amount of a commodity at a certain price from farmers in these countries.

Well, time is a precious commodity and it's ticking away for both of you.

Water was another commodity enthusiastically offered to the parade-watchers.

If it is not more, though the commodity may be brought to market, it can afford no rent to the landlord.

Definitely. The Cannery Row project will make you a hot commodity around here.

It was then a trading station of some importance, slaves being the chief commodity dealt in.