Sentence Examples with the word Commented

Megara's economic development entailed a change in the distribution of wealth, and consequently of political power, which is commented upon in the elegies of Theognis (q.v.).

He commented the other day that I was spending his money.

Cunninghame Graham and Mr John Burns for their share in the riot in Trafalgar Square; and in 1889 he was junior to Sir Charles (afterwards Lord) Russell as counsel for the Irish Nationalists before the Parnell Commission - an association afterwards bitterly commented upon by Mr T.

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Among others Asser, the instructor of Alfred the Great, and Robert Grosseteste, bishop of Lincoln, commented on it.

Somewhat later, Herminus, Achaicus and Sosigenes commented on the logical treatises.

Bacon's use of this illustration and of the former one of Peisistratus, has been much commented on, and in general it seems to have been thought that had it not been for his speeches Essex might have escaped, or, at all events, have been afterwards pardoned.

In 1814 he had published a work, De la constitution francaise de l'an 1814, in which he commented on the Charter from a Liberal point of view, and this reached its fourth edition in 1819.

That his adherence to the royal party was already noticed and commented on appears from the significant remark 1 In October 1608 he became treasurer of Gray's Inn.

He failed to discuss his itinerary but commented freely on how he'd enjoyed the weekend.

It was very popular in the Byzantine period, and was read and commented on very frequently; the collection of scholia by Isaac and John Tzetzes is very valuable, and the MSS.