Sentence Examples with the word Commentator

Yet no commentator is more valuable or indeed more voluminous, and for the study 1 Two different texts of it exist: (I) in the ed.

Clauberg was one of the earliest teachers of the new doctrines in Germany and an exact and methodical commentator on his master's writings..

He was a fellow-pupil of Polemo in the school of Xenocrates at Athens, and was the first commentator on Plato.

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He is important as the teacher of Proclus, and, like Plutarch and Proclus, as a commentator on Plato and Aristotle.

As regards the dates and historical interpretation of the Psalms, all older discussions, even those of Ewald, are in great measure antiquated by recent progress in Pentateuch criticism and the history of the canon, and an entirely fresh treatment of the Psalter by a sober critical commentator is urgently needed.

The earliest commentator of note was Sir Edward Coke, who published his Second Institute, which deals with Magna Carta, by order of the Long Parliament in 1642.

About 1174) of Ramerupt, commentator and Talmudist.

When Justinian issued the edict for the suppression of the school, Damascius along with Simplicius (the painstaking commentator on Aristotle) and five other Neoplatonists set out to make a home in Persia.

Of Ephraim as a commentator on Scripture we have only imperfect means of judging.

Salviati and Sagredo took their names from two of Galileo's early friends, the former a learned Florentine, the latter a distinguished Venetian gentleman; Simplicio ostensibly derived his from the Cilician commentator of Aristotle, but the choice was doubtless instigated by a sarcastic regard to the double meaning of the word.