Sentence Examples with the word Comfort

No, but I know I must work to comfort my mother, to repay you, and not to leave the children such beggars as I was.

Indeed, you can never know all the comfort you have given us.

They talked through the night, the hosts educating the new vampires, and the guests hungry for stories of the couple's life; stories that would provide comfort during difficult times.

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She really didn't want to leave the comfort of his arms.

Surprised by the intimate motion that seemed meant to comfort her, Deidre glanced up at him before nuzzling his neck.

I base that expectation in part on the fact that today, many of us already live in more comfort than the richest king in the world did two hundred years ago.

I remember that I came to you afterwards and wanted to comfort you, but do you know, I felt ashamed to.

Remove him from his comfort zone.

The home theater offers optimum comfort with a captivating surround sound experience.

Kings and queens who wear a suit but once, though made by some tailor or dressmaker to their majesties, cannot know the comfort of wearing a suit that fits.