Sentence Examples with the word Comedies

His poems, novels and comedies are full of wit and exuberant vitality.

Moreover, southern Italy and Sicily afforded many opportunities for witnessing representations of Greek comedies and tragedies.

Accordingly, the comedies of Epicharmus are of two kinds, neither of them calculated to give offence to the ruler.

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The comedies of Gervasio Lobato are marked by an easy dialogue and a sparkling wit, and some of the most popular of them were written in collaboration with D.

His comedies give a truthful and interesting picture of 18th century society, especially his best comedy, the Alec rim e Mangerona, in which he treats of the fidalgo pobre, a type fixed by Gil Vicente and Francisco Manoel de Mello.

Of these the most popular are comedies and serio-comic national dramas.

Like Livius, Naevius professed to adapt Greek tragedies and comedies to the Roman stage.

Nicolaus also wrote comedies and tragedies, paraphrased and wrote commentaries on parts of Aristotle, and was himself the author of philosophical treatises.

The first of his original pieces performed was Der y politiske Kandestober (The Pewterer turned Politician); he wrote other comedies with miraculous rapidity, and before 1722 was closed, there had been performed in succession, and with immense success, Den Vaegelsindede (The Waverer), Jean de France, Jeppe paa Bjerget, and Gert the Westphalian.

Six comedies entitled Sappho and two Phaon, were produced by the Middle Comedy; but, when we consider, for example, the way in which Socrates was caricatured by Aristophanes, we are justified in putting no faith whatever in such authority.