Sentence Examples with the word Columba

In 563 Columba founded the monastery of Hi (Iona), which spread the knowledge of the Gospel among the Picts of the Scottish mainland.

These palimpsests had originally belonged to the famous convent of St Columba at Bobbio, and had been written over by the monks with the acts of the first council of Chalcedon.

Towards the end of his sojourn in Rome he fell violently in love with a Roman lady called Faustine, who appears in his poetry as Columba and Columbelle.

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The original materials for a life of St Columba are unusually full.

A friend of St Columba and patron of Kilkenny in Ireland.

The cathedral is said to contain the remains of its founder, together with those of St Columba and St Bridget.

They are represented as endeavouring to prevent the progress of St Patrick and St Columba by raising clouds and mist.

In 846 or 848 he transported the relics of St Columba to a church which he had constructed at Scone.

Even Columba himself, in his Latin hymn Altus prosator, was suspected by Gregory the Great of favouring Arian doctrines.

Irish accounts represent Columba as undertaking this mission in consequence of the censure expressed against him by the clergy after the battle of Cooldrevny; but this is probably a fabrication.