Sentence Examples with the word Collieries

It may be supposed that originally the public roads, when worn by the cartage of the coal, were repaired by laying planks of timber at the bottom of the ruts, and that then the planks were laid on the surface of special roads or ways' formed between the collieries and the river.

The modern growth of the town is attributable to the valuable collieries of the neighbourhood, and to manufactures of nails and chains.

In some anthracite collieries in America the small coal or culm and other waste are washed into the exhausted workings by water which gives a compact mass filling the excavation when the water has drained away.

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The town is modern and owes its prosperity to the ironworks and collieries in its immediate vicinity.

There are collieries and freestone quarries in the neighbourhood.

Anthracite and steam-coal from the collieries of the coast and along the Loughor Valley are exported from the extensive docks; and there are also large works for the smelting of copper and the manufacture of tin plates.

There are collieries in the neighbourhood.

Sea-going vessels can navigate up to Blaydon, and collieries and large manufacturing towns line the banks - Newburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Wallsend and North Shields on the Northumberland side; Gateshead, Jarrow and South Shields on the Durham side, with many lesser centres, forming continuous lines of factories and shipbuilding yards.

There are large collieries in the neighbourhood of the town, the workings in some cases extending beneath the sea, and blastfurnaces, engineering works, cycle and motor works, shipbuilding yards and paper mills.

Coal-mining is unfortunately a dangerous occupation, more than a thousand;deaths from accident being reported annually by the inspectors of mines as occurring in the collieries of the United Kingdom.