Sentence Examples with the word Collated

He also collated some Paris manuscripts of the Greek Testament for John Fell, bishop of Oxford.

Greeks from Crete collated MSS., read proofs, and gave models of calligraphy for casts of Greek type.

And commentaries were found and collated by the Rev. A.

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The text of Gildas founded on Gale's edition collated with two other MSS., with elaborate introductions, is included in the Monumenta historica Britannica, edited by Petrie and Sharpe (London, 1848).

In the first place it is certainly identical with the MS. called n which is quoted in the margin of the 1550 edition of Robert Stephanus' Greek Testament; this MS. according to Stephanus' preface was collated for him by friends in Italy.

The work cannot be considered complete till all the extant manuscripts have been collated or at least examined.

Vossianus, c. 1300 (A); Laurentianus, end of 14th century (F); Ottoboniano-Vaticanus, 15th century (V); Daventriensis, 15th century (D), to which has to be added the Holkhamicus, 1421 (L), collated by Postgate, Cambridge Philological Transactions (1894) vol.

He was collated by Bishop Beaufort at some date unascertainable (through the loss of the 2nd volume of Beaufort's Episcopal Register) to the mastership of St Mary Magdalen's Hospital, a leper hospital on St Giles' Hill, just outside the city of Win - chester (Vet.

He already held the nonresident rectory of Dennington, Suffolk, and the vicarage of St Dunstan's, Stepney, and was now collated rector of Thurning, Hunts.

Information is inputted to a computer and collated electronically.