Sentence Examples with the word Colenso

Buller's operations, too, had cost at Colenso r roo men, at Spion Kop r 700, at Vaalkrantz 400, and now in the last long-drawn effort 16 oo more - over s000 in all.

The schism arose out of the alleged heterodox views of Bishop Colenso (q.v.), who had been created bishop of Natal by letters patent in 1853.

Behind the Tugela at Colenso were Louis Botha's forces covering the siege of Ladysmith, and, imperfectly Buller's Failure.

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He maintained that the deposition of Bishop Colenso endangered the independence of bishops.

The same kind of apparent vacillation was found in his action in other cases; e.g., in the Colenso case (1863), and in the controversy as to the use or disuse of the Athanasian symbol (1872).

He was in command of the Boers at the battles of Colenso and Spion Kop, and these victories earned him so great a reputation that on the death of P. J.

Soon afterwards the questions connected with the deposition of Bishop Colenso were referred to him, but, while regarding Colenso's opinions as heretical and his deposition as justifiable, he refused to pronounce upon the legal difficulties of the case.

He was one of the four prelates who refused to inhibit Bishop Colenso from preaching in their dioceses, and the only one who withheld his signature from the addresses calling upon Colenso to resign his see.

By rail south of Ladysmith, was the headquarters of Sir Ndvers Buller at the battle of Colenso on the 15th of December 1899.

In 1863 the metropolitan of Cape Town, as head of the Church of the Province of South Africa, excommunicated Dr Colenso and consecrated a rival bishop for Natal, who took the title of bishop of Pietermaritzburg.