Sentence Examples with the word Cole

To become professor in a lyce it is necessary to pass an examination known as the agrgation, candidates for which must be licentiates of a faculty (or have passed through the cole normale suprieurc).

The cole des Fonts et Chausses at Paris is maintained by the government for the training of the engineers for the construction and upkeep of roads and bridges.

An English physician, William Cole (1635-1716), is also usually ranked with them.

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De l' E cole des Chartes (July - August 1857).

Cadier, in Bibliotheque de l' E cole des Charles, 49 (Paris, 1888).

The most important free institution in this class is the cole des Sciences Politiques, which prepares pupils for the civil services and teaches a great number of political subjects, connected with France and foreign countries, not included in the state programmes.

At Paris the cole Suprieure des Mines and the cole des Fonts et Chausses are controlled by the minister of public, works, the cole des Beaux-Arts, the cole des Arts Dcoratifs and the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Dclamation by the unr,ler-secretary for fine arts.

Fred was being consoled by Mrs. Abernathy or some other of his lady friends so Dean spent the evening alone with the sound of a little early Nat King Cole trio, vintage forties.

JEFFERSON CITY (legally and officially the City of Jefferson), the capital of Missouri, U.S.A., and the county-seat of Cole county, on the Missouri river, near the geographical centre of,the state, about 125 m.

Instinctively Cole applied just the right leverage to lift the ball over Carroll with enough curl to drift inside the top corner of the goal.