Sentence Examples with the word Codifying

The segregation may be geographical, or may be the result of preferential mating, or of seasonal mating, and its effects plainly can be made no more of than proximate or empirical laws of differentiation, of great importance in codifying and simplifying the facts to be explained.

This vizier had the astuteness to see the necessity of codifying the doctrines of the Ftimites, and himself undertook this task; in the newly-established mosque of el-Azhar he got his master to make provision for a perpetual series of teachers and students of his manual.

Wished to supersede the compilationes, he had no idea of superseding the Decretum of Gratian, still less of Their codifying the whole of the canon law.

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In 1904 a commission of cardinals was appointed to undertake the stupendous task of codifying the canon law (see Canon Law), and in 1908 an extensive reorganization of the Curia was x s of carried out, in order to conform its machinery more nearly to present-day needs (see Curia Romana).

Bacon seems indeed to have been a lawyer of the first order, with a keen scientific insight into the bearings of isolated facts and a power of generalization which admirably fitted him for the self-imposed task, unfortunately never completed, of digesting or codifying the chaotic mass of the English law.

Law was laid before the Reichstag codifying the administrative rules.