Sentence Examples with the word Codices

This is found in three recensions: (I) in A B, o; (2) in codices 19, 108 (Lucian's text); (3) in codex 58, the source of the old Latin and Syriac.

Fragments, 4 however, of two codices were discovered (1897) in the genizah at Cairo, which illustrate more fully the peculiar features of this version.

Other presses were at work in Italy; and, as the classics issued from Florence, Rome or Milan, Aldo took them up, bestowing in each case fresh industry upon the collation of codices and the correction of texts.

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The destruction of the earlier codices was an irreparable loss to criticism; but, for the essentially political object of putting an end to controversies by admitting only one form of the common book of religion and of law, this measure was necessary.

These brought together as many copies as they could lay their hands on, and prepared an edition which was to be canonical for all Moslems. To prevent any further disputes, they burned all the other codices except that of IIaf sa, which, however, was soon afterwards destroyed by Merwan the governor of Medina.

The combination of pieces of different origin may proceed partly from the possessors of the codices from which Zaid compiled his first complete copy, partly from Zaid himself.

These codices passed to the Marciana, and Zanetti catalogued them as the Fondo antico.

In the Mexican codices pictures of men and women carrying are plentiful.

To Ceriani is due the discovery that the text preserved by codices 19, 82, 93, 108, really represents Lucian's recension; the same conclusion was reached independently by Lagarde, who combined codex 118 with the four mentioned above.

Amongst other important codices are the Jorddnszky Codex (1516-1519), an incomplete copy of the translation of the Bible made by Ladislaus Batori, who died about 1456; and the Dobrentei or Gyulafehervdr Codex (1508), containing a version of the Psalter, Song of Solomon, and the liturgical epistles and gospels, copied by Bartholomew Halabori from an earlier translation (KSrnyei, A Magyar nemzeti irodalomtortenet vdzlata, 1861, p. 30).