Sentence Examples with the word Cocaine

The manufacturing industries of Peru are confined chiefly to the treatment of agricultural and mineral products - the manufacture of sugar and rum from sugar cane, textiles from cotton and wool, wine and spirits from grapes, cigars and cigarettes from tobacco, chocolate from cacao, kerosene and benzine from crude petroleum, cocaine from coca, and refined metals from their ores.

But by the addition of some antiseptic to the ointment its defensive action would be converted from passive to active, and its power to prevent infection would become greater; and if inflammation had already set up in the skin, the addition of opium, belladonna, or cocaine would lessen local pain; and an astringent, either metallic or organic, would restrain inflammation and accelerate repair.

The chief action of cocaine from a practical point of view is its power of paralysing the terminations of sensory nerves.

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Cinnamyl cocaine is cinnamylmethylecgonine, i.e.

Opium, cocaine or cerium oxalate.

Maybe they found cocaine on her and she needed twenty-five thousand to get out of jail.

It was similar to the cravings for cocaine that an addicted individual experiences.

The conversion of the mixture obtained by extracting coca-leaves into cocaine is effected by saponifying the esters into ecgonine and the respective acids, and then benzoylating and methylating the ecgonine.

And yet, Yancey had mentioned cocaine in his telephone conversation.