Sentence Examples with the word Coaxed

Spirits capable of being confined in matter and made useful are in various ways sung or coaxed into the tenements prepared for them.

He followed her slowly, but a couple of horn toots coaxed him to move along.

There was a twinkle in his eye that coaxed a smile to her lips.

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He coaxed one melody after another from the old piano, and then finally he folded the lid down.

It would be nice to see Uncle Sam's grasping dogs coaxed to bay at the wrong tree as well.

The warmth of his muscular chest under the soft knit of his shirt, and the strength in the arms that gently coaxed her close again, tempted her to acquiesce.

Scraps from the table coaxed him out even during the daylight hours - but only when she stepped back into the house.

The children's game broke up and Martha began to don her coat to go home but Cynthia coaxed her to stay for supper.

We'd coaxed Howie to look away from eminent mayhem, simply to preserve his own sanity.

He gently coaxed the whip from her hand and took a few steps away from her.