Sentence Examples with the word Coasting

Distant), and by the coasting steamers (from Boston) of the Eastern Steamship Co.

The harbour is small, and closed to large vessels by a bar of sand; but it is a port of call for the Austrian Lloyd steamers, and annually accommodates about 1500 small vessels, the majority of which are engaged in the coasting trade.

Wine, fruit, cork, baskets and sumach are exported in small coasting vessels; there are important sardine and tunny fisheries; and boats, sails and cordage are manufactured.

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They serve the trade of Lake Pontchartrain and the Florida parishes, the lumber, coal, fish, oyster and truck trade of New Orleans, and to some extent are the highway of a miscellaneous coasting trade.

Owing to the shallowness of the harbour large vessels cannot enter, but there is an important coasting trade, despite the dangerous character of the coast-line and the prevalence of fogs and gales.

She followed, startled, only to see a massive black bird the size of a pterodactyl coasting along the tops of the waves.

A considerable number of foreign sailing vessels also carried on an important coasting trade.

In 1897 all shipowners engaging in the coasting trade of the colony were compelled to pay the colonial rate of wages.

In the decline that followed the Civil War an apparent minimum was reached of 4,068,034 tons in 188o; but this does not adequately indicate the depression of the, shipping interest, inasmuch as the aggregate was kept up by the tonnage of vessels engaged in the coasting trade and commerce of the inland waters, from which foreign shipping is by law excluded.

As a youth he fled from home to escape a clerical education, but afterwards joined his father in the coasting trade.