Sentence Examples with the word Coagulation

The second operation is the coagulation of the albumen, and the separation of it with other impurities from the Maceration or Imbibition.

The ferment thus set free brings about the coagulation of the serum, which acts as a protective and temporary scaffolding to the injured tissues.

And it remains to be seen, how far the death of any form of living matter, at a given temperature, depends on the destruction of its fundamental substance at that heat, and how far death is brought about by the coagulation of merely accessory compounds.

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As a secondary function we may recognize, in certain cases, the power of closing wounds, which results from the rapid coagulation of exuded latex in contact with the air.

If disseminated intravascular coagulation is present, the patient should be treated with heparin.

Pickering, still later, showed, in the case of four Norway hares, two of which were injected while in their pigmented or summer coat, and two while in their albino or winter coat, that coagulation occurred in the former cases but not in the latter.

In two or three minutes coagulation takes place, and the rubber is then exposed to the air on sticks, and allowed to drain for eight days.

The power of coagulation of colloids shown by electrolytes depends in a curious manner on the chemical valency of the effective ion.

The globules in the latex are liquid, and the phenomenon of coagulation would seem to consist in the passage of this liquid into solid caoutchouc through the kind of change known as polymerization or condensation, in which a liquid passes into solid without alteration of composition or by condensation with the elimination of the elements of water.

The nature of the coagulation is not yet completely understood.