Sentence Examples with the word Clutching

He stopped abruptly and faced her, clutching her shoulders as he shook her slender frame.

She sat up slowly, clutching the blanket to her chest.

At the cabin, she opened the car door and climbed out, clutching the towel around her shoulders.

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Alex stood clutching his stomach, his stunned gaze locked on his hands, as if unable to comprehend what had happened.

She was clutching Dean's arm with both hands so tightly he was numb to his fingertips.

Then suddenly the grating sound of a harsh voice was heard from the other side of the door, and the officer--with pale face and trembling lips--came out and passed through the waiting room, clutching his head.

She stared at him, fear clutching at her heart.

And clutching the spare gray locks on his temples the count left the room.

Destiny drew back, clutching Alex around the neck possessively as she stared at Lori.

Petya galloped up, and the first thing he saw was the pale face and trembling jaw of a Frenchman, clutching the handle of a lance that had been aimed at him.