Sentence Examples with the word Clutched

Cynthia dropped to the couch and held the cool rag to her face as a new wave of nausea clutched her stomach.

She laughed and clutched his arm.

She clutched the blanket under her chin and shivered.

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As he drew her toward him in an embrace, she clutched the dress with her arms.

He clutched his chest.

The buggy bounced over a rock and she clutched his arm to keep from falling off.

Ah, goodness gracious! he clutched at his head.

He clutched it in an instant, seized the boat-knife, and impaling the letter on it, sent it thus loaded back into the ship.

Cassie cringed against Bordeaux and clutched the arm that encircled her waist.

He clutched the wet door handle, the click of the latch bringing his mind back to the present.