Sentence Examples with the word Clumps

Strong clumps of five or six roots of one kind have a very fine effect.

It will grow in any good soil, and is propagated by dividing the roots into small clumps in spring or autumn; these are planted from 8 to 12 in.

There is but little natural vegetation to be seen - ragged yucca trees, many species of agave and cactus, scrubby mesquite bushes, sage bushes and occasional clumps of coarse grasses.

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The rich undulating pasture-land with clumps of trees and copses resembles a park.

The coco palm flourishes freely even in the north, and is to be found growing in clumps with the Pinus sinensis.

It was strewn with loose gravel and stone, with occasional clumps of hardy vegetation mixed with larger boulders.

By this is meant the aggregation into clumps of the bacteria uniformly distributed (natiai n an indifferent fluid; if the bacterium is motile its movement is arrested during the process.

On the small high island of Florida there is much undulating grass-land interspersed with fine clumps of trees; patches of cultivated land surround its numerous villages, and plantations on the hill-sides testify to the richness of its soil.

The wooded portions of the terrain are dotted with clumps and belts of trees of moderate size, giving them a parklike appearance.

Then come the catinga tracts, and, beyond these, the open campos of the elevated plateau, dotted with clumps of low growing bushes and broken by tracts of carrasco, a thick, matted, bushy growth 10 to 12 ft.