Sentence Examples with the word Clover

A kind of clover (Classical Review, December 1906, p. 435).

In many places turnips and clover were still unknown or ignored.

It is next to be well ploughed and harrowed; and about 10 lb of clover seed must be sown on an acre in April or the end of March.

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Being once sown, it will last five years; the land, when ploughed, will yield, three or four years together, rich crops of wheat, and after that a crop of oats, with which clover seed is to be sown again.

When wheat, barley, turnips and similar plants are grown, the soil upon which they are cultivated becomes depleted of its nitrogen; yet after a crop of clover or other leguminous plants the soil is found to be richer in nitrogen than it was before the crop was grown.

Green crops, such as turnips, clover and rye grass, began to be alternated with grain crops, whence the name alternate husbandry.

In the first edition of the Improver Improved no mention is made of clover, nor in the second of turnips, but in the third, clover is treated of at some length, and turnips are recommended as an excellent cattle crop, the culture of which should be extended from the kitchen garden to the field.

Blith's book is the first systematic work in which there are some traces of alternate husbandry or the practice of interposing clover and turnip between culmiferous crops.

In this manner organisms obtained from red clover can be grown and applied to the seed of red clover; and similar inoculation can be arranged for other species, so that an application of the bacteria most suited to the particular crop to be cultivated can be assured.

Grain of all kinds (chiefly rye), clover and potatoes are grown.