Sentence Examples with the word Cloths

Now, however, Mexicans are often made with lighter wefts, though the name is usually applied to the better class of cloths of the particular character.

The big price of imported cloths throws the native consumer to some extent upon the local goods, and so stimulates the imports of yarn.

They have great abundance of silk, from which they weave cloths of silk, and gold of divers kinds, and they also manufacture all sorts of equipments for an army.

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They are also used for drummers' aprons and saddle cloths in the Indian army.

Printing-cloth is a term with a general significance, but it is also particularly applied to a class of plain cloths in which a very large trade is done both for home trade and export.

To him the city owed her trade in cloths and velvets, from which so much wealth accrued to her 1 Fidelis Expositio Errorum Serveti, sub init.

The pilgrim enters the Haram in the antique and scanty pilgrimage dress (ihram), consisting of two cloths wound round his person in a way prescribed by ritual.

In Mysore the dew containing it is collected by means of cloths spread on the plant over night, and is used in domestic medicine.

The required thickness of the spread sheet is very often secured by the rubber-faced surfaces of two cloths being united before curing.

Hats, baskets, cloths and rope are woven and are exported to a limited extent; small quantities of copra are also exported.