Sentence Examples with the word Clock

You're off the clock now.

At that moment the great clock struck two and another with a shrill tone joined in from the drawing room.

The magnet was mounted with its end carrying the coil opposite, and very close to, the centre of the piece of clock spring.

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The Connecticut clock maker and clock peddler was the 18th-century embodiment of Yankee ingenuity; the most famous of the next generation of clock makers were Eli Terry (1772-1852), who made a great success of his wooden clocks; Chauncey Jerome, who first used brass wheels in 1837 and founded in 1844 the works of the New Haven Clock Co.; Gideon Roberts; and Terry's pupil and successor, Seth Thomas (1786-1859), who built the factory at Thomaston carried on by his son Seth Thomas (1816-1888).

An old Moorish minaret has been turned into a clock tower.

The tightly coiled spring was released, the clock began to whirr and the chimes to play.

The Gothic Wallace Tower in High Street stands on the site of an old building of the same name taken down in 1835, from which were transferred the clock and bells of the Dungeon steeple.

This tendency is common in adults as well as in children; the strokes of a clock may, for instance, be grouped into fours, and thus eleven is represented as two fours and three.

The two clock motions may be geared to a single counting mechanism which records the difference in the rates of going of the two clocks.

The French were in possession of the place in 1797 and again in 1805; and in 1809 Marshal Macdonald having, in accordance with the terms of the peace of Vienna, entered the citadel which he had vainly besieged, blew it all up with the exception of the belltower and the citizens' or clock tower.