Sentence Examples with the word Clinging

For garden purposes loam should be rather unctuous or soapy to the touch when moderately dry, not too clinging nor adhesive, and should readily crumble when a compressed handful is thrown on the ground.

He smiled, his gaze absently dropping to her clinging shirt.

The Qatwali warriors had looked her over in full light, as if to ensure she was no threat, then dismissed her with a look that said she ranked lower than the tarantula cat clinging to one wall.

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I woke to sunlight and my wife clinging to me with an intensity that hurt.

It had to be difficult to maintain any semblance of authority with a toddler clinging to his face, but he managed to do it.

Reinach (Revue archeologique, 1903), Tantalus was represented in a picture standing in a lake and clinging to the branches of a tree, which gave rise to the idea that he was endeavouring to pluck its fruit.

It was as if they were one person, clinging to each other - neither wanting to be the first to end the embrace.

Men of good birth (nearly always, too, of Celtic blood on one side at least), they leave Iceland young and attach themselves to the kings and earls of the north, living in their courts as their henchmen, sharing their adventures in weal and woe, praising their victories, and hymning their deaths if they did not fall by their sides - men of quick passion, unhappy in their loves, jealous of rival poets and of their own fame, ever ready to answer criticism with a satire or with a sword-thrust, but clinging through all to their art, in which they attained most marvellous skill.

At that point Jonathan came into the kitchen with Matthew holding on to one hand and Natalie clinging desperately to the hand on his short arm.

The window overlooked the neighboring mountain, coated in white with clouds clinging to its peak.