Sentence Examples with the word Climbers

Gladys Turnbull button-holed two of the climbers and began holding court on one side of the room while devouring a logging crew's share of Cynthia's Toll House cookies.

The crowd had grown since Dean's Thursday trip, both in numbers of climbers and spectators.

Yup. I can't see any of the ice climbers taking Shipton seriously enough to bother to dump him.

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Supper was pancakes and eggs, with conversation directed to the children, interrupted by confirming calls from ice climbers who would begin arriving on Thursday.

They are large perennial climbers growing from short thick underground stems, from which rise numerous semi-woody flexuous angular stems, bearing large alternate stalked long-persistent and prominently net-veined leaves, from the base of which spring the tendrils which support the plant.

The ice climbers decided to get in a quick climb and blame their delay returning home on the cops.

The two of them managed to finish attending to the chatting guests, the late rising climbers and the Quincy sisters.

Bird Song's going to be close to empty for a few more days until the ice climbers arrive.

Usually there were few cars at the site but now, with the early festival climbers in town, the parking lot at the curve of the county road was filled.

By that time, most of the ice climbers were back at Bird Song.