Sentence Examples with the word Climbed

With one last look at the river, she turned away and climbed the bank clumsily before heading towards the road leading from the bridge to her home.

He placed the bone atop Cynthia's jewelry box on their bureau and climbed into bed.

His mother Agave having joined the revellers on Mount Cithaeron, Pentheus followed and climbed a lofty pine to watch the proceedings.

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In his hours of recreation he climbed the hills or traced the Sorgues from its fountain under those tall limestone cliffs, while odes and sonnets to Madonna Laura were committed from his memory to paper.

He opened the door and climbed out, leaning down to speak to her.

Carmen climbed off the chair and squirmed out of his lingering grip on her arm.

That evening, she climbed from her wagon and beat the dust from her clothes with her hat.

The edge of the highway to Dean's left, absent any guardrails, was a drop of thousands of feet but the roadway suddenly leveled and then climbed sharply over a rise before continuing downward.

The snow had melted on the mountain trail, and the dry gray rocks provided sufficient traction for Ed's hooves as they climbed higher into the hills.

They climbed back on the ATV and crossed the creek.