Sentence Examples with the word Clifton

Granted it to Henry, earl of Holland, and after passing through the hands of Sir Gervase Clifton and Sir Christopher Clapham, it was purchased about 1700 by the duke of Leeds, ancestor of the present duke, who is now lord of the manor.

In 1859 he was appointed successor to Brewster in the principalship of the United College of St Andrews, a position which he held until his death at Clifton on the 31st of December 1868.

The Niagara Falls and Clifton steel arch (fig.

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Span at Clifton over the Avon, but the project was not then carried further; in 1860, however, the link chains of the Hungerford suspension bridge which was being taken down were available at small cost, and these were used to complete the bridge.

The name is also given to the butterfly, Mazarine or Clifton Blue (Polyommatus Adonis).

CHARLES HARDING FIRTH (1857-), British historian, was born at Sheffield on the r6th of March 1857, and was educated at Clifton College and at Balliol College, Oxford.

Below Bristol the valley becomes the Clifton Gorge, famous for its wooded cliffs and for the Clifton suspension bridge which bestrides it.

In 1863 he went to Clifton College as first headmaster, remaining there for 15 years.