Sentence Examples with the word Clergymen

The case of clergymen is entirely different.

He enforced discipline and exact conformity within the church with an iron hand; and over 200 clergymen were deprived of their livings for disobedience to the ex animo form of subscription.

This formerly led to purely political appointments; but it is usual now to select clergymen approved by public opinion.

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Many of its clergymen have been trained in other denominations; but the Harvard Divinity School was distinctly Unitarian from its formation, in 1816, to 1870, when it became an unsectarian department of the university.

On the 18th of May 18 43 470 clergymen withdrew from the general assembly and constituted themselves the Free Church of Scotland, with Dr Chalmers as moderator.

It is estimated that 250 Anglican clergymen are converted Jews or the sons of converted Jews.

The Indian civil service appoints a number of clergymen of the Church of England and the Church of Scotland.

As early as the middle of the 18th century Harvard College represented the most advanced thought of the time, and a score or more of clergymen in New England were preaching what was essentially Unitarianism.

Somewhat unnecessarily the prime minister went on to condemn the clergymen of the Church of England who had subscribed the Thirty-nine Articles, who have been the most forward in leading their own flocks, step by step, to the very, edge of the precipice.

A court of high commission of doubtful legality was subsequently erected (1686) to deprive or suspend clergymen who made themselves obnoxious to the court, whilst James appointed Roman Catholics to the headship of certain colleges at Oxford.