Sentence Examples with the word Clerc

No sooner had the Characteristics appeared than they were welcomed, in terms of warm commendation, by Le Clerc and Leibnitz.

Richard Simon's Reponse (1686) elicited from Le Clerc a Defense des sentimens in the same year, which was followed by a new Reponse (1687).

This is obviously not authentic, for Alain described himself as a simple clerc and certainly died long before 1449.

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Dupin, and Jean Le Clerc (Clericus), of the orientalists John Lightfoot, John Spencer and Humphrey Prideaux, of John Mill, the collator of New Testament readings, and John Fell, furnished new materials for controversy; and the scope of Spinoza's Tractatus theologico-politicus had naturally been much more fully apprehended than ever his Ethica could be.

When Le Clerc discontinued his Bibliotheque universelle in 1691, Bernard wrote the greater part of the twentieth volume and the five following volumes.

The E loge of Jean le Clerc (Bibliotheque choisie, 1705) has been the basis of the memoirs of Locke prefixed to the successive editions of his Works, or contained in biographical dictionaries.