Sentence Examples with the word Clement

In the reign of this pope Francis was released from his prison in Madrid (1526), and Clement hoped that he might still be used in the Italian interest as a counterpoise to Charles.

His successor, Clement XIV.

Eusebius and Jerome give us lists of the works which Clement left behind him.

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His bull of the 1st of July 1519, which regulated the discipline of the Polish Church, was later transformed into a concordat by Clement VII.

De la Comp. de Jesus (Paris, 1844-1845, and his Clement XIV et les Jesuites (Paris, 1847), was outspoken and bitter in his condemnation; this provoked Theiner's Gesch.

That if the foreigners had not come, the native clement would long have filled the places the foreigners usurped, I entertain says General Walker not a doubt.

Nothing is known of the cause of the discontent; no moral offence is charged against the presbyters, and their dismissal is regarded by Clement as high-handed and unjustifiable, and as a revolt of the younger members of the community against the elder.

At Marseilles, Henry's appeal from the pope to a general council; but there seems to be no good authority for Burnet's story that Clement threatened to have him burnt alive.

The accession of the Gascon Clement V.

A Frenchman, Clement V., was elected, and the seat of the papacy was transferred to Avignon.