Sentence Examples with the word Cleary

Dean gave Winston the information, including both names, Cleary and Corbin.

She listened patiently to Dean's detailed explanation that he was from the police and interested in a tenant, Mr. J. Cleary of Bascomb Place.

Dean explained he was still interested in the J. Cleary who had ordered the Sentinel from a Scranton address.

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Jonathan Winston said there wasn't a forwarding notice on file under Cleary or Corbin.

But the description of Cleary is a dead ringer for Byrne.

Mr. Cleary mostly comes at night I suspect.

Second floor apartment D showed the name Burgess but C, where J. Cleary was to reside, was also empty.

Only Burgess saw Cleary and no one saw Corbin.

Mrs. Glass said the guy asked for Cleary by name.

Until we can prove Cleary isn't Byrne, let's assume he is.