Sentence Examples with the word Clearer

Nevertheless he sometimes helps us to recognize in Ibn Ishaq's narrative modifications of the genuine tradition made for a purpose, and the additional details he supplies set various events before us in a clearer light.

This is usually much clearer and more hyaline than the general cytoplasm.

It is sometimes differentiated into a clearer outer layer, of hyaloplasm, commonly called the ectoplasm, and an inner granular endoplasm.

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The fullest and darkest skins of each kind are the most valuable, and, in cases of bluish grey or white, the fuller, clearer and brighter are the more expensive.

The old land area still existed to the north, but doubtless much reduced in height; against this land, detrital deposits still continued to be formed, as in Scotland; while over central Ireland and central and northern England the clearer waters of the sea furnished a suitable home for countless corals, brachiopods and foraminifera and great beds of sea lilies; sponges flourished in many parts of the sea, and their remains contributed largely to the formation of the beds of chert.

His features were chiseled from golden granite, his blue eyes clearer than the Miami shallows.

This the king claimed, perhaps with truth, was only a clearer statement of the provisions of earlier English laws.

We shall return, then, to the clearer and more authoritative division, and proceed to discuss materialism, idealism and realism in their order.

The German and Austrian Alpine Club is publishing a very fine set of maps (scale I: 50,000) of the Eastern Alps, which are clearer and better than the Austrian Government's Topographische Detailkarten (11 sheets, scale 1: 50,000).

As .Blucher's dispositions gradually became clearer the emperor realized that the first Ligny.