Sentence Examples with the word Cleaned

After she cleaned the table and finished the dishes, she went to her room to get some aspirin.

I cleaned up a few paper details and left the office for home, driving around town the long way, just to clear my head.

When she was cleaned up, she set about doing what she did every morning: rifling through the sparse pantry then searching the mansion for more information.

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I cleaned out your bedroom.

Fred read the latest transcribed pages of Annie Quincy's journal while the Deans cleaned up the dining room.

The blanks are next softened by annealing, and are then thoroughly cleaned before being passed to the coining presses.

After Alex left, Carmen threw the sheets in the dryer, washed dishes and cleaned his kitchen.

The apparatus, after having been carefully cleaned and dried, is charged with pure and dry mercury which must next be worked backwards and forwards between A and B to remove all the air-bells.

Let's get cleaned up and see if there are any more baby goats.

Davis watched her as she cleaned the camp.