Sentence Examples with the word Claudette

She completed peeling another potato and rinsed it before Claudette finally gave up on a response with an audible sigh.

By the end of the second day, she had adapted to the guests and felt completely at ease - a state that Claudette apparently wanted to shatter.

When Claudette arrived, the room was finished and the house in order.

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She jerked her hand free and darted past the wide-eyed Claudette - up the stairs and into the safety of her room.

That was when she noticed Claudette standing in the kitchen doorway.

Cade was standing behind Claudette and her husband.

It was in her mind to tell Claudette to take a long walk off a short pier, but a cool voice interrupted them at that moment.

If she said he was responsive, Claudette would assume something was going on.

I was so angry, and Claudette picked the worst time to...

Cade and Claudette might never be close, but they had certainly reduced the gap.