Sentence Examples with the word Classis

It is impossible to reproduce here Fiirbringer's elaborate details and phylogenetic trees with their various horizontal sections, but the following tables give the main outlines: Classis AvEs I.

In imperial times it was the most important town in the island, mainly owing to its fine sheltered harbour, where a detachment of the classis Misenas was stationed.

In 1824 the Classis of Northampton, Pennsylvania (13 ministers and 80 congregations), became the Synod of Ohio, the parent Synod having refused to allow the Classis to ordain.

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There was a praefectus classis Comensis under the late empire, and it was regarded as a strong fortress.

In every classis or presbytery there were two elders to each minister..

The Church in America in 1738 asked the Classis of Amsterdam (to whose care it had been transferred from the West India Company) for the privilege of forming a Coetus or Association with power to ordain in America; the Classis, after trying to join the Dutch with the English Presbyterian churches, granted (1747) a Coetus first to the German and then to the Dutch churches, which therefore in September 1754 organized themselves into a classis.

The first church in New Jersey, at Bergen, in 1661, was quickly followed by others at Hackensack and Passaic. After English rule in 1664 displaced Dutch in New York, the relations of the Dutch churches there were much less close with the state Church of Holland; and in 1679 (on the request of the English governor of New York, to whom the people of New Castle appealed) a classis was constituted for the ordination of a pastor for the church in New Castle, Delaware.

Later on two cohorts were quartered there and also detachments of the Classis Misenas, as the discharge certificates (tabulae honestae missionis) of the former and tombstones of the latter found in the island' show (C.I.L.