Sentence Examples with the word Classifying

The existence of groups or families of allied languages, each group being evidently descended from a single language, affords one of the principal aids in classifying nations and races.

In 1845, however, a statute based on the recommendations of a select committee, appointed in the preceding year, was passed; the object being to diminish the bulk of the special acts, and to introduce uniformity into private bill legislation by classifying the common form clauses, embodying them in general statutes, and facilitating their incorporation into the special statutes by reference.

In classifying closed chain compounds, the first step consists in dividing them into: (1) carbocyclic, in which the ring is composed solely of carbon atoms - these are also known as homocyclic or isocyclic on account of the identity of the members of the ring - and (2) heterocyclic, in which different elements go to make up the ring.

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In classifying methods of generation it is usual to make use of the sexual or non-sexual nature of the reproduction as a primary difference, but a more scientific classification is afforded by the distinction between tissue-cells After Allman, Gymnoblastic Hydroids, by permission of the Council of the Ray Society.

In his age the poet revised his works, classifying them for a definitive edition, in seven volumes, published at Boston, 1888.

The increased interest which has been shown in the history of all creed-forms since the latter part of the r9th century is due in a great measure to the work of the veteran pioneer, Professor P. Caspari of Christiania, who began the herculean task of classifying the enormous number of creed-forms which have been recovered from obscure pages of early Christian literature.

The phenomena of solution and of vapour pressure constitute cases of equilibrium, and conform to the laws deduced by Gibbs, which thus yield a valuable method of investigating and classifying the equilibria of solutions.

The system of classifying the revenue into separate funds has frequently produced annual deficits, which are, as a rule only nominal, since the total receipts exceed the total expenditures.

Though on this account and because the subdivisions Simplices, Gradatae and Mixtae do not correspond to definite phylogenetic groups, they have not been used in classifying the Ferns above; they are of great importance as an advance towards a natural classification.

Certain characteristics in the skin reveal to the expert from what section of territory they come, but in classifying them it is considered sufficient to mention territories only.