Sentence Examples with the word Clasped

Sarah gasped and clasped her hands to her chest as Frederick lowered his head.

He stood a few meters away, hands clasped behind his back.

The story of Talos, the Cretan man of brass, who heated himself red-hot and clasped strangers in his embrace as soon as they landed on the island, is probably of similar origin.

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He clasped his arms behind his head and lay down, impervious to the cold.

The countess, in dismay, looked up to heaven, clasped her hands, and turned angrily to her husband.

Each span has four steel double ribs of steel tubes butted and clasped by wrought iron couplings.

His white-silver hair was long and clasped at his neck, his bronzed face and forest- green eyes displaying no emotion.

Jackson leaned back a little and clasped his hands behind his head.

Darkyn's hands were clasped behind his back.

He leaped from his hiding place and clasped it round its neck.