Sentence Examples with the word Clark

The strange phenomena of this region were known to some of the Indians; they were discovered by John Colter, a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, in 1807; the region was visited by James Bridger before 1840; an account of the geysers was published at Nauvoo, Illinois, in The Wasp, a Mormon paper, in 1842; Captain W.

Clark University was established here in 1889 by Jonas Gilman Clark as a purely graduate institution.

The Resistance R Was About 9 Ohms, And The Potential Difference E Was Varied From Three To Six Clark Cells, Giving A Rate Of Heat Supply About 2 To 6 Watts.

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In the Weston standard cell cadmium and cadmium sulphate are substituted for zinc and zinc sulphate; it has the advantage of a much smaller coefficient of temperature variation than the Clark cell.

In 1883 he was appointed professor of physics at the Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, 0., and six years later accepted a similar position at Clark University.

The east slope of the Lewis and Clark range is marked by long high spurs, and the valleys between them end in radiating canons that are crowned with bold cliffs.

Boston University (Methodist Episcopal, 1867); Tufts College (1852), a few miles from Boston in Medford, originally a Universalist school; Clark University (1889, devoted wholly to graduate instruction until 1902, when Clark College was added), at Worcester, are important institutions.

Like the Lewis and Clark range, its crest is broken by numerous U-shaped wind-gaps and its west slope is cut by glacial troughs containing long narrow lake basins.

Joe Clark recently played homage to the CSS Samurai by starting a WCAG samurai focusing on web accessibility.

In 1902 Clark College was opened for undergraduate work under the presidency of Carroll D.