Sentence Examples with the word Clarence

But the seeds of distrust had already been sown among the members of his own family, and in 1478 his brother Clarence was put to death - secretly, indeed, within the Tower, but still by his authority and that of parliament - as a traitor.

Created his sons Lionel and John dukes of Clarence and Lancaster respectively.

I am very glad that Frank and Clarence and Robbie and Eddie and Charles and George were not very shy.

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Sir Robert Welles, the leader of this rebellion, made a confession implicating Warwick, who fled with Clarence to France.

The king thought himself secure, but when Warwick and Clarence made terms with the Lancastrian exiles, Edward in his turn had to seek refuge in Holland (September 1470).

In 1412, by Arundels advice, a second army under the duke of Clarence crossed the Channel to co-operate with the Orleanists.

The reasons why the claims of the line of Clarence had been so long forborne are not difficult to explain.

Information concerning the aboriginal remains in the state may be found in two papers by Clarence B.

As Clarence was King Edward's third son, while John of Gaunt was his fourth, in ordinary course on the failure of the elder line the issue of Clarence should have taken precedence of that of Lancaster in the succession.

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