Sentence Examples with the word Clara

PALO ALTO, a city of Santa Clara county, California, U.S.A., between two of the coast ranges, about 28 m.

The Franciscan establishment gives its name to the Graabradretor y or Grey Friars' market; and St Clara's Monastery, the largest of all, which was founded by Queen Christina, is still commemorated by the Klareboder or Clara buildings, near the present post-office.

SAINT CLARA (1194-1253), foundress of the Franciscan nuns, was born of a knightly family in Assisi in 1194.

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That was a clever move - using Clara as a source for his information.

In Camaguey province the Jatibonico del Sur; in Oriente the Salado, a branch of the Cauto; in Santa Clara the Sagua la Grande (which is navigable for some 20 m.

No doubt Clara had left them.

There were no motels in town, so he must be staying with someone - and surely Clara would have known that, too.

Surely if he did, Clara would have known him.

Megan stood and smiled a genuine welcome as Clara emerged from the car, carrying two large hanging plants.

Base to extremity, as in Clara (fig.