Sentence Examples with the word Clapped

We clapped our hands and shouted;--went away beaming with pleasure, and Teacher and I felt more light of heart than we had for sometime.

Vara clapped him on the arm and retreated toward the forest.

She clapped her hands again.

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They clapped in unison and congratulated her.

I clapped my chubby hands for joy when I saw that the rose-bushes were covered with lovely buds.

Their faces lit up at the sight of Jule, and Sofia trailed him in, watching as the three clapped each other on the shoulders and hugged.

Thunder clapped and echoed through the hills.

When the children saw the trees all aglow with brilliant colors they clapped their hands and shouted for joy, and immediately began to pick great bunches to take home.

When the painted canvas cover is clapped on the American line-tub, the boat looks as if it were pulling off with a prodigious great wedding-cake to present to the whales.

She clapped her hands.