Sentence Examples with the word Clap

Hold your hat in one hand, and clap t'other a'top of your heart, when I'm giving my orders, cook.

Another deafening clap of thunder brought her hands instinctively to her ears.

They rode out in state together, and if he kept cap in hand as a subject she would snatch it from him and clap it on his head again; while in graver things she took all due or possible care to gratify his ambition, by the insertion of a clause in their contract of marriage which made their joint signature necessary to all documents of state issued under the sign-manual.

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Rita began to clap in appreciation of his performance.

Another brilliant bolt of lightning ended in a deafening clap of thunder.

The Wizard raised one of his revolvers and fired into the throng of his enemies, and the shot resounded like a clap of thunder in that silent place.

Worn out with his evasions, she at last (1723) took the desperate step of writing to Stella or, according to another account, to Swift himself, demanding to know the nature of the connexion with him, and this terminated the melancholy history as with a clap of thunder.

A sharp clap of the hands may also produce the effect.

Lightning flashed brilliantly and a clap of thunder followed.

Immediately a clap of thunder made the room shudder.