Sentence Examples with the word Clamped

It consists of a straight rod clamped in a vice and carrying a bead at its upper free end.

Jenn clamped her mouth shut.

Cynthia clamped the rag to her face again.

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In a belated modest moment, she clamped the shirt shut and headed for the house.

He started the engine and she clamped her arms around him, clinging to him as he spun the tires in a spray of pebbles and rocks.

She clamped her mouth shut, unwilling to tell him the sight and scent of blood was already making her want to vomit.

The declination circle is most inconvenient of access, and slow motion in declination can only be effected when the instrument is clamped by a long and inconvenient handle; so that, practically, clamping in declination was not employed.

A is the upper end of a glass tube, half a metre or so in length, which is clamped in a vertical position.

She clamped a lid on her temper and turned the fire down to simmer.

He strode to the door, clamped on his hat, shrugged into his coat and left the house without so much as a good-bye.