Sentence Examples with the word Claire

He'd mated with Claire days after meeting her.

Everyone bent close and examined them as Claire continued to hold them in her hand.

Just then, Claire Quincy descended the stairs on cue.

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Sainte Claire Deville working independently obtained aluminium by the electrolysis of the fused double sodium aluminium chloride.

It seems to me, that Edith had a very rapid mood change from flaunting her nakedness in front of Claire to...killing herself, practically minutes later.

Oh, I guess I'm just being foolish like Claire says.

Miss Worthington spent the day waiting on Claire and showing her and her sister the old newspapers on microfilm at the library.

She saw Damian watch the new king get his tattoo as a rite of passage, saw it again as Claire made love to the man meant to be her husband, saw it in Isac's vision as he hacked the tattooed man apart.

He's desperate to ask Martha about the details of Annie's death but she, Quinn and Claire haven't reported in.

However, she was thrilled that baby Claire was in residence.