Sentence Examples with the word Civilizing

The army of Matthias was not only a military machine of first-rate efficiency, but an indispensable civilizing medium.

During the 7th and 8th centuries the Benedictine houses were the chief instrument in the christianizing, civilizing and educating of the Teutonic races.

The upshot of these conditions was, that the empire never again undertook an important enterprise, but neglected more and more its great civilizing mission.

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In the beginning Christianity had been the teacher of religion to highly civilized peoples - now it became the civilizing agent to the barbarians, the teacher of better customs, the upholder of law and the source of knowledge.

How to equate this foreign civilizing race from Asia with the Semitic elements in the ancient Egyptian speech we do not yet know.

In the middle ages the civilizing task of the Church was first approached in England.

Buddism, a forceful civilizing element, reached Hiaksai in A.D.

Unfortunately the civilizing efforts of Matthias made but little impression on society at large.

These received from them into their language a very large number of Sanskrit terms, from which we can infer the nature of the civilizing influence imparted by the Hindu rulers.

Henceforward we shall find temporal interests, represented by Damascus, predominating over those of religion, and the centre of Islam, now permanently removed beyond the limits of Arabia, more susceptible to foreign influence, and assimilating more readily their civilizing elements.