Sentence Examples with the word Circled

She crossed the stone tiles to the center of the chamber and circled the plain fountain.

She pocketed her list and trailed him to the area just beyond the patio, where the scent of hot dogs and s'mores greeted her long before she reached the small group circled around a bonfire.

His arms circled the pillow smelling most like her, and he melted into the bed, swiftly falling into slumber.

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She circled the generator.

Jenn stepped away to make a phone call, and he circled the portal.

His arms circled hers, and he drew her against him.

He circled her as he had upon their first meeting.

Darkyn circled her, pretending to consider.

One massive hand circled her to rest on her abdomen.

Flipping on the light, she confirmed the tattoos and Rhyn.s name still circled her neck.