Sentence Examples with the word Circle

When the two brothers combined, Antiochus again invaded Egypt (168), but was compelled to retire by the Roman envoy C. Popillius Laenas (consul 172), after the historic scene in which the Roman drew a circle in the sand about the king and demanded his answer before he stepped out of it.

When the refracting curve is a circle and the rays emanate from any point, the locus of the secondary caustic is a Cartesian oval, and the evolute of this curve is the required diacaustic. These curves appear to have been first discussed by Gergonne.

Each tentacle is to the stem of a plant, and is repre sented with the base of attachment a glove-finger like outpush uppermost; the mouth, not actually ing of the whole wall of the seen in the drawing, is at the lower sac and contains typically extremity of the body, surrounded a prolongation of its internal by the circle of tentacles.

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The oligarchy composed of the great landowners have always been an important factor in the political life of the republic; when President Balmaceda found that he was not a persona grata to this circle he determined to endeavour to govern without their support, and to bring into the administration a set of men who had no traditions and with whom his personality would be all-powerful.

When compelled to rise they would sometimes circle round and round and over the pond at a considerable height, from which they could easily see to other ponds and the river, like black motes in the sky; and, when I thought they had gone off thither long since, they would settle down by a slanting flight of a quarter of a mile on to a distant part which was left free; but what beside safety they got by sailing in the middle of Walden I do not know, unless they love its water for the same reason that I do.

He showed that the surface of a segment is equal to the area of the circle whose radius equals the distance from the vertex to the base of the segment; that the surface of the entire sphere is equal to the curved surface of the circumscribing cylinder, and to four times the area of a great circle of the sphere; and that the volume is twothirds that of the circumscribing cylinder.

Coming up behind her, he grasped her waist and pulled her into the circle of his arms.

It was a rough circle about four feet in diameter.

The whole country is divided into the following counties: (a) The circle on the left bank of the Danube contains eleven counties: (1) Arva, (2) Bars, (3) Esztergom, (4) Hont, (5) Lipto, (6) Nograd, (7) Nyitra, (8) Pozsony (Pressburg), (9) Trencsen, (to) Turocz and (I I) Zolyom.

The elk, carefully preserved, haunts the lonely forests from the Arctic Circle even to the Smaland highlands.