Sentence Examples with the word Cima

Owing to an error in the transmission of an order the Alpine troops who were holding the positions of Cima Undici and Cima Dodici retired before the Austrians attacked, and uncovered the flank of the division, while on the same day (May 25) the attacking forces succeeded in occupying the important position of Corno di Campo Verde (6,815 ft.).

On May 21 the order was given to retire to the line Monte Verena - Cima di Campolongo, and the stay on this line was short.

And a group of Alpini held the Val d'Astico and a line that roughly followed the frontier as far as Cima Manderiolo (6,665 ft.).

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It was the birthplace of the painter Cima da Conegliano, a fine altarpiece by whom is in the cathedral (1492).

Tour du Grand St Pierre Pointe des Sengies (E) (E) 12,113 Uja di Ciamarella (C) 12,061 Cima di Charforon (E) 12,025 Grande Motte (W).

Pointe de Charbonel (C) 12,336 Pointe de la Sana (W) Aiguille de la Grande Cima dell' Auille (C) .

Gijon is usually identified with the Gigia of the Romans, which, however, occupied the site of the adjoining suburb of Cima de Villa.

To the west of the Val d'Assa that Cadorna had ordered the preparation of a third line of defence that ran from Cima Portule (7,570 ft.) east of the Val d'Assa and round the southern rim of the Asiago basin by Punta Corbin across the Astico to the mountains south of the Posina.