Sentence Examples with the word Cigar

The successful production of cigar tobaccos from Cuban and Sumatran seed was a development of the late 19th century.

The fillers or inner contents of the cigar must be of uniform quality, and so packed and distributed in a longitudinal direction that the tobacco may burn uniformly and the smoke can be freely drawn from end to end.

They are pressed into the cigar boxes for sale, and branded with the name or trade mark of their makers.

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Under this heading come also the cigar and cigarette manufacture.

Cotton and silk weaving is also largely carried on, and there are numerous indigo vats, tanneries and an English cigar factory.

Its lumber and flour mills are its largest industries, but the following are found: aerated waters and breweries, tent makers, baking-powder manufactories, box manufacturers, brick makers, broom, brushes and carriage makers, cement blocks, manufacturing chemists, chocolate and cigar manufacturers, confectionery, copper plate, cornice makers, engine builders, gas fitters, ink manufacturers, jewelry makers, lime makers, milliners, opticians, paint makers, paper-box makers, photographers, pickle makers, planing mills, pork packers, publishers, pump makers, rubber-stamp makers, sash, door and blind factories, upholsterers, ventilating manufactory, vinegar factories, foundries, wire and fence manufactories.

Mexico is an important tobacco-producing country, and Mexican leaf is largely used in Europe for cigar wrappers and other purposes.

The town has large cigar factories.

There are cloth, artificial flower, and cigar factories, glass-works, potteries, and in the neighbourhood large granite quarries.

This quantity is wrapped in the inner cover, an oblong piece of leaf the length of the cigar to be made, and of width sufficient to enclose the whole material.