Sentence Examples with the word Ciceronian

A man of literary taste and culture, familiar with the classics, a facile writer of Latin verses' as well as of Ciceronian prose, he was as anxious that the Roman clergy should unite human science and literature with their theological studies as that the laity should be educated in the principles of religion; and to this end he established in Rome a kind of voluntary school board, with members both lay and clerical; and the rivalry of the schools thus founded ultimately obliged the state to include religious teaching in its curriculum.

Before him the whole Christian literature in the Latin language consisted of a translation of the Bible, the Octavius of Minucius Felix (q.v.) - an apologetic treatise written in the Ciceronian style for the higher circles of society, and with no evident effect for the church as a whole, the brief Acts of the Scillitan martyrs, and a list of the books recognized as canonical (the so-called Muratorian fragment).

The largest addition to the sum of Ciceronian writings was made by Poggio (Gian Francesco Poggio Bracciolini) in the course of his celebrated mission to the Council of Constance (1414-1417).

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The earliest Latin inscriptions are of Ciceronian date.

The years that intervened between his death and the beginning of the Ciceronian age are singularly barren in works of original value.

In a dream Christ reproached him with caring more to be a Ciceronian than a Christian.

Their connexion with the later Lentuli (especially those of the Ciceronian period) is very obscure and difficult to establish.

It is generally known as the Ciceronian age from the name of its greatest literary representative, whose activity as as peaker and writer was unremitting during nearly the whole period.

GAIUS HELVIUS CINNA, Roman poet of the later Ciceronian age.

It will be convenient to mention here a feature of Ciceronian prose on which singular light has been thrown by recent inquiry.